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Lasts Experiences

The Crandals, a wonderful family from NYC spent a few days in Madrid and decided to take our Madrid Tapas Tour at 13:00 on their first day.

The Iberian ham, the socalled “Jamón Ibérico” by the Spaniards, is the best Spanish Ham. The Iberian ham is one of the most complete, healthy and delicious meats you will find in the Spanish diet. The top quality Spanish ham comes under the name of “Jamón Ibérico de Bellota” and that’s the one I want

Christmas in Spain is lived in many different ways depending mainly of each family’s customs. What’s common is that we take the opportunity to be with the family . The Christmas Eve dinner , lunch on Christmas Day , New Year’s Eve dinner or snack of Epiphany(6th of January) are occasions for encounter. From an