Madrid offers amazing French romantic restaurants.You do not need to go to the Paris to savour the flair and finesse of French cuisine in Madrid. Here follows a list of must-visit French restaurants for a romantic dinner date. Le Petit Prince The Petit Prince is a wholesome homemade food French restaurant. Located in an ideal
Casa Labra Casa Labra is located 140m (about 459 feet) from Puerta del Sol. The only reason it will take you more than 2 minutes to get there is because you will be in the epicenter of Madrid walking besides hundreds of locals and tourists. This charming bar and restaurant was first opened in 1860.
Exhibitions, film cycles, family activities, dance and theater works, concerts, classical music, popular running events … and at night, the best DJ sessions and parties for all tastes. There are hundreds of things to do and see in Madrid during this first month of the year. Check out the best leisure plans for January 2019
The sweetest Christmas in Madrid is undoubtedly in his pastry. These days work, confectionery and even convents are at full speed making the most typical  Christmas sweets for the festive season. Some do it by betting strong on tradition; others go a step further and modernize many recipes of yesteryear. Therefore, taking a walk through
Are you ready for Christmas in Madrid? We can all perceive the Christmas spirit in Madrid from the last weeks of November, isn’t it? Street lights are lit from 6 pm shopkeepers have already decorated their windows. In addition chestnut stalls line the streets of some parts of the city. Be sure to try typical