Why is finding good places to eat near Barajas airport can be a challenge for many reasons. Namely, you probably need to find a place to eat as an emergency situation because your flight was cancelled, or you have a long layover…Whatever the situation this list will help you locate great restaurants near Barajas to
Office Meal delivery to your work address is an excellent menu option in Madrid. Why? You don’t have to prepare your own food, store it in Tupperware and warm it in the company microwave oven at lunchtime. You don’t need to worry and stress about varying your balanced diet and nutrition. The food is prepared
English tea in Madrid is becoming a popular past-time. In fact the typical British experience of an afternoon tea with biscuits is growing in popularity in Madrid. So where should you go to sip tea like The English? Living in London Madrid This tea salon transports you to the heart of England`s custom of hot

Best Paella Restaurants in Madrid

Best Paella Restaurants in Madrid - SpanishTapasMadrid
Visiting Madrid and on the lookout for the best Paella in town? Don’t worry; there is no shortage of restaurants serving Paella here. However, the dish is quite versatile and each restaurant has its unique style of preparing the traditional Spanish platter. In fact, they say that no two Paellas are the same and can
New Year Party Recommendations in Madrid - SpanishTapasMadrid
Will you be in Madrid this Christmas? Planning a Christmas dinner at a restaurant in Madrid can be a unique experience. In this article, we will present you with some fantastic restaurants to spend Christmas with family in Madrid. Madrid is known to be the heart of Spain; it is the place where Christmas dreams
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