Madrid is quickly establishing itself as a reputable destination for coffee-lovers. Consumed more and more in Madrid,you will discover chic and rustic coffeeshops spread around Madrid. In this article, we’ll be examining some amazing places in Madrid to enjoy exceptional coffee. Cafelito Cafelito offers a wide range of excellent coffee blends at highly competitive prices.
Attending cooking classes is a practical and fun way to immerse into Spanish culture. Madrid is an amazing place that embodies all aspects of the unusual, albeit interesting Spanish culture. Spanish culture embodies a lot of things, from the architectural masterpieces all over the city that serve as diners, hotels, and residential buildings to the
The Spanish way of life and customs are particular and even strange for foreigners. In general, the Spanish culture emphasizes family relationships, high contact and friendships. Therefore mealtimes are periods for friends and family to get together, share experiences and memories, laugh and bond. In Spanish restaurants, there are a couple of customs, however, that
Madrid offers amazing French romantic restaurants.You do not need to go to the Paris to savour the flair and finesse of French cuisine in Madrid. Here follows a list of must-visit French restaurants for a romantic dinner date. Le Petit Prince The Petit Prince is a wholesome homemade food French restaurant. Located in an ideal
Casa Labra Casa Labra is located 140m (about 459 feet) from Puerta del Sol. The only reason it will take you more than 2 minutes to get there is because you will be in the epicenter of Madrid walking besides hundreds of locals and tourists. This charming bar and restaurant was first opened in 1860.