Brunches at top Madrid hotels are a fabulous Sunday culinary experience for friends, family and even a business trip. The best part is you do not need to be a hotel guest at these top Madrid hotels to enjoy a festive Sunday brunch. Here follows our list of brunches at top Madrid hotels. Brunch at
Veggie burgers in Madrid_SpanishTapasMadrid
Veggie burgers in Madrid are in vogue.You can find traditional meat burger restaurants offering decent veggie burgers or go for pure vegetarian and even vegan restaurants. In this article you will discover interesting vegetarian restaurants which offer from the classical vegetarian interpretations to newer more modern tastes. Here the star ingredients are come from superfood
Cocktail bars in Madrid offer a sophisticated alternative to nightclubs or corner bars. Though nightclubs still attract revelers and partiers, cocktail bars offer a more chilled night out. In Madrid, you can find cocktail bars in old mansions or modern settings. Moreover, these cocktail bars keep reinventing themselves through their events, décor, experiences and of

Catering services in Madrid

There is an excellent choice of catering services in Madrid. You will find professional catering services for a variety of occasions and celebrations like weddings or company events. Nowawadays, more and more AirBnB guests also search for catering for its convenience. In Madrid, you can find catering services for every budget and food preference. To
Gazpacho in Madrid is a necessity in Summer. So what is Gazpacho? According to Wikipedia, it is a cold soup made of raw, blended vegetables. The origin of this refreshing, tasty and healthy cold soup in Andalucia. Therefore it is also sometimes referred to as Andalusian gazpacho. Though, its birthplace is the south of Spain, you
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