Celebration of San Isidro. 15th May is a Celebration of San Isidro in Madrid. This festive season is in honor of its patron saint. Madrileños celebrate it from the 11th to 15th May with music, shows and food. There is an endless range of activities blending the traditional with the modern. Of course, there are
Header Granit mountains Pedriza -The National Park of “Sierra de Guadarrama”
The National Park of “Sierra de Guadarrama” is located 50 kilometers ( 31 miles) North of the city of Madrid. It is in the Centre of the Iberian peninsula and its highest peak is “Peñalara”, 2428 meters tall ( 7,966 feet). The climate is Continental Mediterranean and the main soil element granite.
Dear friends, Thank you for your support in our first 5 years of existence. From the beginning, our main goal has been to satisfy our customers throughout the world in their search for an authentic local experience in Madrid. Also to do the best introduction to Spain if it’s your first time in our beautiful
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Plaza Mayor is one the most famous sites in Madrid today;. Do not miss it if you come to our city. It’s only a few meters South West from Puerta del Sol the nearest Metro station. You can get there form Puerta del Sol using Calle Mayor or Calle Postas.
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