Traditional vermouth bars offer genuine local experience in Madrid. Vermouth is the most popular wine type found in Spain and the Spanish Capital, Madrid offers an amazing array of traditional bars where you can enjoy the exquisite taste of this amazing wine that can come in red or white forms, is heavily flavored with aromatic
Hot Madrid - Spanish Tapas Madrid
Last year we had 57 days on a row above 35Cº/94Fº and the sun will be up until 21:30-22:00. You should avoid being outdoor during the central hours of the day. From 15:00 to 18:00 it is better to stay at your hotel and enjoy Spain’s most practical custom: The unique and only Siesta.In any
Do you know exotic dishes in Madrid for those with a daring palate? One of Madrid’s greatest gastronomy appeals is the wide range of food influenced by its history and culture over the years. For those with adventurous taste and re not afraid to experiment with new food experiences, Madrid offers some truly visually and
Gluten-free food products are a must for any cosmopolitan city. So it is no suprise that many bakeries and pastry shops in Madrid accommodate people with gluten intolerance. To cater for the needs of the gluten-sensitive population, however, food stores and bakeries have a variety of gluten-free foods with special recipes that exclude gluten-laden foods
Food souvenirs are a tasteful way to conclude your trip to Madrid. Olive oil, acorn-fed Iberian ham and even dessert sweets from Madrid are a practical and appetizing idea to remember Madrid!Since food is an integral component of Madrid’s rich culture.The good news is, you will find an amazing array of food choices to serve
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