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Last September 1, we made 2 years in business. Thank you all for the support and specially to all our clients for your trust in our “insiders” services. We are proud of what we’ve achieved so far but we’re certain we need to do things better in the future.
Part of that will to improve has been to introduce other Tours besides the super classic Madrid Tapas Tour. We now have 6 different ones: Madrid Tapas Tour, Tapas and Flamenco Experience, Flamenco Dance Master Class, Old Madrid Walking City Tour, Prado National Museum and Retiro guided Tour and the Toledo day Tour from Madrid.

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For instance, last week we had a wonderful couple from Hawaii that had the opportunity to taste the Tapas in Madrid, the Museo Nacional del Prado and the Retiro Park plus a Day Tour to Toledo from Madrid with us.
Their first option was to do the Tapas Tour with a different supplier but as it was overbooked they contacted us by email after exploring our web. They had many questions about Madrid, Toledo and other incredible surrounding cities. Our clients just wanted to get the best of their trip to Madrid and other parts of Spain. Barcelona, Sevilla, Córboda and Granada are our most demanded destinations.

We enjoyed every moment with the Noborikawa's

Decision made: Lunch Tapas Tour at 13:00 on Sunday and a Toledo Day Tour the following Wednesday.They booked two weeks in advance and I was looking forward to meeting them. We met the day of the Tour and had a great time finding our way into Old Madrid and its Taverns as well as its old Restaurants(Madrid has the Oldest Restaurant in the World). Fun and delicious food!

Impressive view of "Toledo", just 45 miles from Madrid

On Wednesday we went to Toledo, our particular favorite historical city in Spain. It offers everything you can see in an european ancient city: Roman baths and other remains they find every now and then, many Visigoth Churches, Muslim Mosques, two Jewish Synagogues and an amazing Cathedral and remains. And the panoramic view is considered as one of the most beautiful in Spain. Other secrets of the city such as the “damasquinado” style and the steel work with swords and knives “made in Toledo”. Ceramics are also big in Talavera de la Reina. If you come to Madrid, do not miss it!

The next day they decided to do another Tour with us and came inside the Museo del Prado where enjoyed very much the Limited Exposition of “El Greco and Modern Art”, what a discovery! They loved the monuments and gardens of Parque del Retiro.
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