Halloween, Day of the Dead and Day of all the Saints.

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In Spain we had never celebrated the Halloween night. But it’s an ancient tradition in Hispanic Countries like Mexico. They call it the Day of the Dead and it’s celebrated on Nobember 2. This celebration is previous to Spanish Discovery of America. People dress up with customes and go in street processions.

Day of the Dead in Mexico
Day of the Dead in Mexico

In Spain, we now celebrate the Halloween night, mostly by the younger ones. The Holywood Movies and the Anglosaxon influence is big for this purpose. The origin of Halloween is found in Celtic Tribes.

In Spain, the tradicional celebration takes place on November 1 and it is called the Day of All the Saints. People here usually go to the Cementeries to bring flowers. The Cementery of La Virgen de la Almudena in Madrid is 240 acres of extension, the biggest in Spain. There are over 5 million people burried there, more than the actual population of the City(3,3 million).

The Day of all the Saints
The famous bones of the dead

You'll find these days in the bakeries of Madrid, our traditional “Huesos de Santo” or “bones of the Dead”. They are made or marzipan. Just delicious.Get a 10% discount in all our tours
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