“Jamón Ibérico de Bellota” simply the best ham in the world!

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The Iberian ham, the socalled “Jamón Ibérico” by the Spaniards, is the best Spanish Ham. The Iberian ham is one of the most complete, healthy and delicious meats you will find in the Spanish diet. The top quality Spanish ham comes under the name of “Jamón Ibérico de Bellota” and that’s the one I want you to meet. Its process is completely natural and simply requires salt and curing time in the mountains. This curing period will depend on the purity of the breed of pig, the amount of acorns they ate and process of each farmer. You can even find Iberian hams with 5 years of aging, requiring time, care and experties. The Iberian pigs mainly live in the so-called “Dehesas” of Extremadura, Salamanca and the province of Huelva. A “Dehesa” is an open field with oak trees offering eacorns to the pigs between November and January. Hence the sacrifice of the animal occurs at this time of the year.

Iberian “cochinos”(pigs) in their Natural enviroment
Photo of oil and Ham together

It is very usual in our tours to have people from other cultures being shocked by the pigs' legs hanging in most of the bars and restaurants in Madrid. They are putting them on display because they are so proud of having such quality Iberian products, specially the Iberian ham.

A key factor for a good Iberian ham is the breed of the pig, it must be pure Iberian. The so-called pure Iberian Acorn Ham is obtained from the Iberian pig, characterized by its black fur and a finer than ordinary pig bone structure. They feed on grass, stubble crop cereal and acorn.

The composition of the resulting ham is 50 % oleic acid, the main compound of olive oil (producer of good cholesterol "HDL" ), vitamins E, B1 and B2, magnesium, iron, zinc, calcium, protein ( 50 % more than fresh meat ) and only 14.5 % of fat.

Therefore we are talking about a natural, full, delicious for its flavor and absolutely unique protein source for the most demanding foodies Worldwide.

In Madrid we have this Iberian ham in markets, bars and restaurants. If you find a Typical Spanish restaurant not offering this product, believe me, it is not the real thing.

José, our friend and owner at “Cantina la Traviesa”, rightly presumes of having the best hams in Madrid. Here we see him with the knife cutting art and purge his ham form Dehesa of Extremadura. It just melts in your mouth.

Enjoy it while you are in Spain since outside our territory is very difficult to find this ham. I matches perfectly with red wine!!

Where did you have your best “jamón ibérico” ever?

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