The National Park of “Sierra de Guadarrama”

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The National Park of “Sierra de Guadarrama” is located 50 kilometers ( 31 miles) North of the city of Madrid. It is in the Centre of the Iberian peninsula and its highest peak is “Peñalara”, 2428 meters tall ( 7,966 feet). The climate is Continental Mediterranean and the main soil element granite.

In the mountains you can find pine and oak trees, Imperial Eagles, black Vultures, deers, wild boars and rainbow trouts. Main rivers in “Sistema Ibérico” are the “Tajo” in the South and “Duero” in the North. These mountains give birth rivers like “Manzanares” and “Guadarrama”.

The most important places nearby are San Lorenzo de el Escorial, Cercedilla and Navacerrada. In these places there are points of tourist interest like the cross and basilica of the Valle de los Caidos, the monastery of El Escorial, the castle of Manzanares, Torrelodones Watchtower and the Royal Palace of La Granja de San Ildefonso.

These mountains have been the subject of many films and hide many legends. But it is the favorite getaway for the citizens of Madrid for practicing a variety of sporting activities as for example outdoor horse riding, climbing, hiking, biking and skiing.

The National Park of "Sierra de Guadarrama" has many paths to explorer it, these paths are of different interests, as for example a path when going with children, a geological, a botanical, or an ornitological (to view birds).

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